The causes I care about

Breaking the Ice

The internet has recently been swept up by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Is there a cause — social, political, cultural, or other — you passionately believe in? Tell us how you got involved — or why you don’t get involved.

I think all causes are truly important. You need people to promote and support everything and I’m glad there are people who invest their time in these causes. I, unfortunately, am not involved in any but there are so many causes I believe in. I wish I could get involved in an association for guide dogs for the blind. I think this is a wonderful cause and I really respect the people who raise dogs for these associations. The problem is that I am afraid of dogs, I avoid them in the streets, I can’t even go to my uncle’s because he has two dogs… basically I can’t be around gods so there’s not much I can do. The second cause I believe in is helping deaf people, I think it is important to have schools, universities and activities for the deaf. I try and learn ASL on Internet and I really hope I will use it someday. It’s also important to have institutions to teach ASL to families, deaf children and any people willing to learn. In France, we are not very helpful for the deaf. If I ever go to the US, I will really get involved in this cause.

There are so many causes I believe in and I wish I could get involved in. I totally respect all the people involved in any cause, whatever it is. It’s important to believe in something.

Off the Shelf

Take a look at your bookcase. If you had enough free time, which book would be the first one you’d like to reread? Why?
Okay, first of all, I usually buy new books every month and I already don’t have enough time to read them all. My to-be-read list probably has more than thirty books at the moment so I don’t really have a lot of time to reread books even if there are so many books I’d love to read again. There are the books I’ve already reread a few times: Twilight series, Peaches, Dance on my grave, a lot of books written by Musset… and the books I’d love to read again but my to-be-read list doesn’t let me do so. The one book (or more accurately: series) I would reread first would be Harry Potter. I just have loved Harry Potter ever since I was a child and I’ve watched all of the movies about twenty times. The thing is I only read the books recently, about three years ago and I bought all of them in original version too but I haven’t started them because I know I’ll as sad as I was three years ago when I closed the last book.